The Order of the Teaspoon started Not a Stranger! in 2014 – a series of personal stories and thoughts about topics such as identity and discrimination, homophobia, anti-Romanyism, racism etc. A new contribution was presented every week throughout the year.

Not a Stranger! brings out famous and non-famous people who have experienced alienation and gives them a platform to tell their story. Among the writers are Rikard Wolff, Dragomir Mrsic, Zinat Pirzadeh, Jan-Olov Madeleine ÅgrenBehrang Miri and Soraya Post.

The purpose of these stories is to celebrate diversity and to give young people role models within non-normative groups. The first story was published on in February 2014 and was written by the comedian, author and actress Zinat Pirzadeh.

Some of these stories are now available in english:
Sannah Salameh
Aron Andersson
Jan-Olov Madeleine Ågren


Not a Stranger!


The Order of the Teaspoon is a foundation, which was started in 2006 by the Swedish magazine Vi. The foundation works for tolerance and respect among people. Intolerance and fanaticism constitute a growing threat in today’s society. The aim of the foundation is to reach out to young people and make them reflect about these important issues.

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